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BAHCO WoodFlex 34x1.1x price 3.63 euro per m As an authorized dealer of BAHCO, we are pleased to offer you an excellent saw for a horizontal frame saw at an excellent price! Do you have a problem with waving or cracking in saws from your current supplier? Are the saws you bought for the first time and are they to be thrown away the next time you order? Try BAHCO branded Scandinavian saw blades! Contrary to the competition, which uses the outdated technology of knocking out teeth on the press, all BAHCO saws are manufactured in the grinding technology, thanks to which the sawmill does not need to be improved in the context of sharpening and hardening. Bi-metal saw with a geometry of 10/30 (woodmizer) a tooth made of M2 steel, a body of high quality spring steel, a very long working time of the saw without rest 3-6 hours! much less frequent sharpening and setting dedicated wherever an ordinary monolithic saw cannot cope with super-hard, frozen wood. We recommend CBN discs for sharpening the saw. 67 HRC Belt hardness: 44-46 HRC Tooth profile and contour: 10/30 - WM Pitch: 22.2 mm Saw tension: 170-175 MPa Working + rest time: 3 + 12 h Intended use: hard and frozen wood - Translated with google

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