Top quality Italian wooden houses producer Pagano System sets a new ESSETRE CNC machine

Christian Morasso
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The Pagano System company in Rome has for years been a reference point for style and luxury in the residential wooden houses sector.

Some of its prestigious villas are present abroad chosen by an elite clientele for the tailor-made design of large surfaces that integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment.

The production of these luxury residences is entirely internal in the Pagano System, from the roofs to the floors, from the windows to the terraces, from the walls to the stairs.

The choice of wood is almost a trademark and for this reason the owner of Pagano System chose Essetre as a productive partner by inserting a Techno Progress CNC machine in the production site.

Working trusses, solid beams, joists, lamellars, frames and Xlam panels is now possible with this unique machine and at the bottom of the page we can admire the processing in the company through the video at Pagano System.

But we discover the technical features that make this machine unique for different processes:

CNC Patented Working Center to work in a flexible and productive way:

Beams-prefabricated Wall – CLT Panels- curved beams,1.250 – 3.500mm width.

5 Axis Independent Milling Head with complete Tool Magazine

Automatic Group for stapling positioned on the Z Axis of the 5 Axis Head

Structural Table to process the prefabricated Panels and CLT Panels with width up to 3.500mm

Working process of: Squaring Windows, Doors, Joints, Drilling, Inclined Cutting, Milling, etc ...

Beam locking System for the frame wall composition based on pneumatic pistons.

Vacuum System to block the panels on the complete surface of the Table

Automatic loading system for beams


Max. Dimensions of Beams          mm. 800x400xunlimited Length

Max. Dimensions of Panels          mm. 400x3500xunlimited Length


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