Sweden: Sveaskog to announce price increase

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Sveaskog raises timber prices in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, Sweden. The demand for pulpwood is strong and the price of forest raw materials is increased to strengthen the profitability of forestry. The prices of timber are also rising, despite the fact that the market situation for sawn timber products is becoming increasingly challenging.

Interest in timber deliveries from Sveaskog is still high and despite challenges in the global markets for sawn timber products, there is room for price increases for forest owners.

The price of hardwood pulpwood and coniferous pulpwood will be increased by SEK 70 (EUR6.5)/m3fub and SEK 50 (EUR4.6)/m3fub respectively. The timber price lists are adjusted upwards by SEK 40 (EUR3.7) to 60(EUR5.6)/m3fub.

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