Austria: Spruce log prices regionally decreasing in April 2024

maggio 23, 2024
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Austria's sawmill industry appeared to be very well stocked with softwood sawlogs in April 2024. During the Foehn storm at the beginning of April, large amounts of damaged wood were produced, especially in Styria. Despite the need for wood on the part of the buyers, this calamity-related, higher volume flow dampened demand and also made the removal of wood from the forest regionally challenging. Prices were under pressure and had already been reduced regionally. The flagship range Spruce A/C 2b+ was priced between € 93 and € 107 per FMO across Austria in April. Due to the weather, the marketing of pine was only possible in close coordination with the buyer without loss of quality. Demand for larch was very brisk and continued to exceed supply while prices remained constant.

In summary, at the end of the hardwood season it could be said that there is still very lively demand for oak. Ash has also had a good season. Following the trend of previous years, marketing of other hardwoods was difficult. Although there was a slight increase in demand for maple, including for B assortments, when it came to other tree species, only the best qualities could often be sold.