Guyana: Top three timbers dominate export trade

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During the period reviewed there were no shipments of greenheart logs but purpleheart logs were exported and at moderately attractive prices. Standard Sawmills quality purpleheart logs were priced at US$300 per cubic metre FOB.

Mora logs were sold for a fair price to international buyers with mora Standard Sawmill quality logs fetching US$150 per cubic metre FOB. Fair Sawmill quality mora attracted an FOB price of US$140 while Small Sawmill quality mora logs were traded at US$130 per cubic metre FOB.

Wamara (Swartzia leiocalycina) logs continue to be in demand and the latest shipments went at prices ranging from US$120 to US$170 per cubic metre FOB. Guyana's logs continue to attract buyers mainly in the Asian markets.

Greenheart sawnwood demand firms

Sawnwood exports were encouraging and made a useful contribution to total export earnings during the period reviewed. Undressed greenheart (Prime) continues to maintain a price of US$1,057 per cubic metre FOB.

The FOB price for Undressed greenheart (Select) remained stable at US$1,060 per cubic metre. The top -end FOB price for Undressed greenheart (Sound) moved from US$594 to US$763 per cubic metre. This quality of greenheart is in demand in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

During the period reviewed Undressed purpleheart FOB prices moved from US$1,080 to US$1,100 per cubic metre for shipments to markets in the Caribbean and New Zealand. Undressed mora (Select) sawnwood recorded a significant price increase, climbing as high as US$785 per cubic metre FOB while for Sound quality prices were around US$509 per cubic metre.

In contrast to the price gains mentioned above during the period reviewed Dressed greenheart sawnwood FOB prices fell US$1,102 to US$996 per cubic metre, the Caribbean remains the main market for this product.

Similarly Dressed purpleheart FOB prices eased from US$1,102 to US$ 1,060 per cubic metre. Recently plywood prices have also eased from US$578 to US$470 per cubic metre FOB with the demand coming mainly from buyers for the Central American markets Greenheart piles (Select category) secured a noteworthy price on the export market and earned as much as US$ 531 per cubic metre FOB in the North American market.

Wallaba poles FOB prices remained unchanged at US$833 per cubic metre in the Caribbean market. However, Splitwood (shingles) prices were maintained at US$1,045 per cubic metre, up from the previous shipment prices.

Export Log Prices

Logs, FOB Georgetown
 SQ - US$ Avg unit per m3
Std Fair Small
- - -
300 - -
150 140 130
*Small SQ is used for piling in the USA and EU. Price depends on length. In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.
Export Sawnwood Prices
Logs, FOB Georgetown  $ Avg unit per m3
EU and US markets Undressed dressed
Greenheart Prime 1,057 -
Standard - 640-996
Select 594-1,060               -
Sound 699-763               -
Merchantable -  
Purpleheart Prime - -
Standard - 721-1,060
Select 912-1,100  
Sound -  
Merchantable  -  
Mora Prime -  
Select 594-785  
Sound 350-509  
Merchantable -  

In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.

Export Plywood Prices

Plywood, FOB Georgetown Port $ Avg unit val. per m3
Baromalli BB/CC 5.5mm No export
    12mm 467-470
  Utility 5.5mm No export
    12mm No export
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