German pellet price in June 2022 continues to rise

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A high demand paired with high production costs caused the price for pellets to rise further in Germany in June 2022. As reported by the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), the nationwide average price was €431.56/t. That is 9.7% more than in the previous month and 95% more than in June 2021.

There were the following regional differences in the price of pellets in June 2022 (decrease of 6 t): In southern Germany, pellets are the cheapest at €420.96/t, as in the past few months. In the middle of the republic the average price is 435.01 €/t, in north/east Germany it is 452.60 €/t. Larger quantities (26 t) were traded in June 2021 at the following conditions: South: €405.10/t, Central: €416.83/t, North/East: €427.88/t.

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