Eurobois in Lyon: an important appointment for Essetre producer of CNC machinery for wood carpentry

christian morasso
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Essetre will be exhibiting at Eurobois Lyon, presenting Techno SAW, the latest innovation in the field of carpentry.

Techno SAW is a CNC machine extremely compact, equipped with a 5-axis head, double output motor (fixed blade on one side and tool connection on the other side) and automatic loading / unloading, which allows processing the 6 sides of the beam with maximum section of 450x150mm.
The machine, besides being equipped with a system which allows the automatic canalization outside the working area of the chips produced during the machining, can also be equipped with an automatic tool changing system, with magazine for tool holders type HSK 63F.
Techno SAW has been created in order to satisfy the need of processing frame elements of the frame panels, destined to the manufacture of prefabricated houses. A technology well developed in France and currently expanding throughout all Europe.

The specificity of the product, along with its compactness and automation have drawn the attention of the jury of the award "Awards for Innovation - Bepositive 2015", which entered Techno SAW in the list of the candidates.

Techno SAW and the machine Techno Multiwall, which allows the machining of the frame panels, as well as their fast construction, thanks to the Multiwall worktable system permitting the automatic tilting of the panels directly in the working area, represent a complete and high performing solution for the manufacturers of prefabricated houses.
Moreover the machine Techno Multiwall can also be employed to machine X-lam panels.


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