Hardwood market in Northern Germany

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In northern German provinces, the beech and oak market seems to be less tight than elsewhere. Oak logs have already been sold out in provinces where contracts have been concluded. In what concerns the beech wood, the situation is different: beech wood sales currently depend on the distance to the nearest seaport.

Given the proximity of sea ports, in Schleswig-Holstein beech logging runs normally. The hardwood logs are mainly traded as an export good. In Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, provinces which lie far away from ports, acquisition is still difficult. Exporters there are currently far more restrained than usual for this time of year, but active nonetheless. Demand has been subdued, as reported from Lower Saxony. Only a few deals have been signed and these were limited to the fourth quarter. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania no acquisitions for beech wood have been concluded. The price expectations of the buyers and the National Forest agency where deals concerning beech wood have are currently far apart.

Price stability in B-wood is reported in areas already been concluded. Here the price oscillates between 110 and 135 EUR / m3. However, discounts of about 10% have been made for C-and D-wood. C-beech wood prices amount to approximately 65-75 euro, Cgw and D Wood to 60 or 70 EUR / m3. Thus the lower quality beech wood is still in direct competition with firewood, currently being sold for 65-68 EUR / m3. The upper end of the price scale is reached especially in large cities and their vicinity.

In what concerns oak, the forest industry in the North does not need to worry. If oak is available, it is sold out. Since regional sawmills account for this high demand, the oak market in the North is currently a purely domestic market. Previous year's prices are still valid. Prices for B-oak amount to 250-400 EUR / m3 (QTY. 4-6). C-oak is estimated at 150-190 EUR / m3, and D-oak at 80-90 EUR / m3. In Lower Saxony, where horses are bred, softer oak is transformed in stake wood for 80 EUR / m3.



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