Austrian spruce log prices decreased again

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Austria's sawmills are still very well stocked with spruce saw logs. Accordingly, demand was still subdued at the beginning of November 2021. That turn prices down. They were again reduced by 3 to 6 € / FMO. This fact, in combination with the previously announced revision shutdowns at the end of the year as well as the reluctance of customers to sign new contracts, make a prompt recovery in demand appear unlikely. Compared to November 2020, however, the spruce log prices are around 20 to 30 € / FMO higher.

For pine there were also regional price adjustments downwards compared to the previous month. Year-on-year there were increases of around 20 € / FMO. Larch, on the other hand, maintains its attractive price level from the previous month - around 5 to 10 € / FMO above the previous year's price. Demand exceeds supply.

At the beginning of the hardwood season, the trend of the past few years continues: oak is in very high demand despite the rise in prices. In a year-on-year comparison, the prices vary greatly from region to region, with an average plus of 5 to 40 € / FMO, whereby higher quality products generally achieve significantly more, but are stable in some regions, and poorer quality products can sometimes be slightly below the previous year's level. In the case of beech, an increased demand can be observed compared to the previous year. Regionally there were price increases here as well. Only the best qualities are required for all other types of hardwood.

The locations of the paper, pulp and board industry are consistently well stocked with softwood logs. However, with the exception of one region, a reduced accumulation of sawmill by-products leads to a slight increase in demand, so that existing forest stocks can be continuously reduced. At the moment, there is also an increased demand for fresh industrial wood. The prices are unchanged compared to the previous month. In the case of softwood panels, there were slight price adjustments upwards, while for hardwood panels, on the other hand, downwards. Red beech fiber wood is in normal demand with stable prices.

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