Vendo Tronchi Da Sega Frassino , Ciliegio, Rovere Cameroun

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Prodotto Tronchi da Sega
Tipo di specie Latifoglie europee
Specie Frassino (bianco), Ciliegio, Rovere


Sistema di classificazione Norma europea
Qualità a/b
Volume 1000 m3 Spot - 1 volta
Diametro 140 - 300+ mm
Lunghezza 3.9; 5.9 m
Huge Demand Low Market Price Wood Logs for Sale
We have available fresh cut Cherry Logs, Birch Logs,Beech Logs, Ash Logs, Eucalyptus Logs, Oak Logs, Pine Logs, Poplar Logs, Spruce Logs that are straight and with no cracks or peelings. These grade A, B, C Logs are available and of the best quality direct from Ukraine.
We have excellent reputation for the supply of Premium hardwoods, softwoods, sawn in all species, grades and sizes to large and small businesses throughout the world. We are located in west Ukraine and Looking forward to long term business relationship with serious buyers.
Note: we produce and supply our products base on customer specification and order.
Green weight (kg/m3) = 1100 - 1200
Specific gravity at 12% M.C. (kg/m3) MV12 = (heavy) 750
Volumetric swelling for 1% MC variation V% = (small) 0.44
Total tangential swelling T% = 4.6
Total radial swelling R% = 3.1
Crushing strength (N/mm2) C12 = 74*
Static bending strength (N/mm2) F12 = 173*
Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2) E12 = 13700*
Diameter : average 80-90 cm
Length: larger than 5.5 meter
A. cuanzensis : MV12 = 850 ; C12 = 63 ; F12 = 153 ; E12 = 11300
Product Name Wood Logs
Thickness 8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/13mm/15mm/18mm/20mm or more thickness
Width 95mm/98mm/100/120mm140mm/150mm or more wider
Length 1200mm/1800mm/2100mm/2400mm/2700mm/3000mm/3048mm/3660mm/3900mm/4032mm/more longer
Moisture Content 12-16% or as your request
Grade knots without knots
Surface Finished Sauna wood panel is polished well that it can be used directly, also can be finished with clear UV-lacquer or other special style treatment,such as scraped, carbonized and so on.
Packaging wood panel is wrapped up with shrink-wrap,, 14pcs/bundle for 8/9/10//11/12mm thick. 6pcs/bundle for 15/18/20mm thick or request as customer

Packaging Details
We are pleased to share the update on available current positions for sales Birch Logs , Pine Logs , Spruce , Fir and Beech round wood logs at very competitive prices. Our logs are available all round years and we also supply in bulk and small quantities to interested customers;
Diameter 20 cm+, average 26 cm
Length: 3,2m +10 cm free tree
Bark: measured with bark or without bark.
Min quantity of order 1 container
Contact for more information.

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