Vendo Travi A T Composte (I-Joists) Profitsystem Pino - Legni Rossi, Abete - Legni Bianchi Bielorussia

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Tipo Travi a T Composte (I-Joists)
Marchio Profitsystem
Tipo di specie Resinosi europei
Specie Pino (Pinus sylvestris) - Legni rossi, Abete (Picea abies) - Legni bianchi


Volume 100 - 25000 m al mese
Spessore delle travi 150-450 mm
Larghezza delle travi 64; 89 mm
Lunghezza delle travi 13.500 mm
Spessore delle scaglie/strati 39 mm
Certificazione CE
Construction wooden I-JOIST is used in low-rise building construction as inter-floor ceiling and a roof frame.

- light weight (allows you to work without using heavy equipment)
- large margin of safety (covers up to 10 m without intermediate support)
- precise geometry and absence of deformations
- quick and easy installation
- efficiency (reduces the cost of working time and increases profitability)
- suitable for all types of construction and renovation (including in winter).

Structure: upper / lower flanges (LVL beam of different cross-sections) connected by the web (OSB-3 board).
Flanges are connected to the web with a tongue and groove connection by means of waterproof polyurethane adhesive (PU glue).

Construction wooden I-JOIST produced by PROFITSYSTEM comply with European quality requirements and are CE certified.

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