Pannelli Per Interni In Legno Abete , Pino - Legni Rossi, Abete - Legni Bianchi

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Tipo Pannelli per Interni in Legno
Materiale principale Legno massiccio
Tipo di legno massello Resinosi europei
Specie Abete (Abies alba), Pino (Pinus sylvestris) - Legni rossi, Abete (Picea abies) - Legni bianchi
Origine Polonia


Volume 100 - 1500 m2 (sqm) al mese
Spessore 8-15 mm
Larghezza 6-16 cm
Lunghezza 120 cm
Qualità 1

- width: 6, 8 , 10, 12, 14, 16 cm
- thickness: from 8 to 15 cm
- length: 120 cm
- brushed surface
- wood has been dried in computer controlled chambers
- type of wood: pine/ fir/ spruce

The total length of the wall panels is 120 cm: 120 cm or in combination of 70+50 cm, 60+60 cm, 80+40 cm. Random colors – different shades of brown and gray.

That effective wall panels are made of selected parts of old wood of various thicknesses, lengths and widths, which create a unique 3-dimensional effect. The panels are an excellent wall decoration and create an exceptional atmosphere at the office, in your house as well as in restaurants, gyms and any other utility places.

The 3D panels are made of naturally aged wood whose structure and color have been created by nature – after many years of exposure because of changing weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain and snow. It takes at least several decades to gain such specific colours and textures. Neither human nor machine is able to form such exceptional effects as that of nature.


The proof of our products high quality is seen in the fact that our products have been utilized in malls throughout Western Europe ans Scandinavia. Our wood also decorates the areas of exclusive hotels, restaurants and showrooms. What is more, each product, which leaves our factory, has a certificate of quality.
- INNOVATIVE WOOD PROCESSING WITH THE CARE FOR THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF OLD WOOD. Our high technology protects the uniqueness of this precious material. We have the highest quality machinery at our production facility, which we have been impoving over the years. It was worth it. We have the newest processing techniques fit for working with old wood. In addition, a qualified team of specialists constantly monitors all of the wood processing. The wood is subjected to professional thermal treatment in high-temperature drying chambers – thanks to that the wood is free from insects and fungi. We also offer the possibility of pressure treating the wood with a special substance without odour, which can be used inside houses. It will additionally protect your unique products against the possibility of reinfestation by pests.
The element which distinguishes us on the market is our rich, varied and carefully selected resources of old wood, which allows us to meet our customers needs. What is more, because of that, we can guarantee a short lead time.
The origin of our wood goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. We obtain our wood from old buildings such as sheds or barns. The obtained material is then prosessed with the greatest care to bring out its natural beauty.

Prezzi e condizioni

Prezzo Su richiesta EUR per m2 (sqm)
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