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Tipo di legno massello Resinosi europei
Specie Pino (Pinus sylvestris) - Legni rossi
Tipo bird house


Volume 500 - 1000 pezzi al mese
Dimensioni 35 x 40 x 100 (cm)
Descrizione This garden windmill is made entirely of pine and spruce wood and is handcrafted.
With this garden decoration you achieve an unmistakable atmosphere in your garden.
The wooden windmill was provided with many small details, for example the 3 dormers attached to the roof and the beautiful little fence.
The windmill blades are mounted on ball bearings, so they can turn even when there is little wind.
The head is made in such a way that it can rotate 360 ​​° and is at the same time easily removable.
The windmill is available with brown or red wooden slats.

Dimensions: diameter approx 40 cm,
total height with wings approx 98 cm,
height without wings and without wind turbine approx 74 cm,
wing diameter approx 65 cm)

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