Vendo Linee Di Produzione Complete - Altri EWD Combi TE Nuovo Germania

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Tipo categoria Linee di Produzione Complete
Categoria Trimming & Edging System
Marchio EWD
Modello Combi TE


Stato della macchina Nuovo
Data della fabbricazione 2019
Volume 1 - 5
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    Trimming and Edging System for boards, planks and model. Innovation and revolution in the performance class for small and medium-sized enterprises. Separation and manipulation After singulation, the product is fed on a driverless toothed chain to the assessment and manipulation area. A wooden escape for loading is not necessary. The operator can do the following: Turn the product to assess the second page. Operation of the reject flap for unsuitable goods. Optional end rind overcapping. Return transport for separation. Further interventions are not necessary. The modern optimization and application software eWood supports the operator in his work. Cross-section board measurement The profile of the boards, planks and model is measured in cross-pass through an optical measuring system. Scales and black parts are detected by the board measurement and can therefore be removed or capped. An integration of image processing for quality measurement is possible. The measurement automatically detects the thickness, length, width and position of the edge of the forest. The PC Volloptimierung determined from these data for width, length and value, the optimal cross-sectional image. Automatically positioned transport trucks take over the product. By means of automatically positionable chop saws, a rectangular chop (trimmer function) is made to the calculated finished length during transfer to the feed table. After the measurement data corresponding positioning on the feed table, the further transport and the separation takes place by the Besäumaggregat. Machine combinations within the system with trimming and re-cutting circular saws, chipper and profiling units are possible. Function board / caliper board The raw board is separated in the length of the measurement data so that an optimal value added. Both partial boards are transferred to the feed table without any loss of time. - Translated with google

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