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Tipo Letti
Nome Del Prodotto Bed lifting base 1800
Origine Russia
Regione Udmurt Republic
Stile Contemporaneo
Tipi Materiali Principale Altri materiali
Materiale Principale Orthopedic base on a metal frame


Volume 12 - 50 pezzi al mese
Dimensioni 1810; 2000; 2310
Certificazione EAC
Descrizione The lifting base is convenient, first of all, for small apartments, because with its help the diligent hostess creates additional volumetric storage space. Where to store a suitcase, spare sets of sleeping clothes, blankets and pillows, a ladder, sports equipment, even conservation? The answer is simple - under the bed! Access to the stored items in the roll-up bed is much easier than in the bed drawer: you just need to pull on the special cord and the base with the mattress will rise. Rubber washers will prevent damage to chipboard base parts. The even distribution of the load on the base during operation will increase the lifespan of the lifting mechanism. The oversized dust collectors, together with HDFO sheets, will protect your belongings from dust and dirt. The load on the lifting base is 300 kg, taking into account the weight of the mattress. Please note: without the mattress, the base will be in a raised state! Features of the
Base with lifting mechanism
Horizontal boards made of laminated chipboard It is made of wood chips covered with a special paper-resin film. 16 mm thick
Materials (edit)
Orthopedic base on a metal frame
Hoisting Gas Lifts
Laminated chipboard 16 mm
Drawer bottom HDFO 3 mm
extra module (optional ) is Karina 306 Bed Lux (1800) for USD 143 (aditional fee)

Prezzi e condizioni

Prezzo Su richiesta USD per pezzi
Incoterm EXW - franco fabbrica (venditore) Nazione Russia Regione Udmurt republic,Glazov
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