Vendo Latifoglie Europee Ce 13.5 mm Prague Repubblica Ceca

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Tipo di legno massello Latifoglie europee
Specie Rovere
Contenuto chiave Ce
Origine Repubblica Ceca
Regione Prague
Tipo Pannello a Una Lista
Tipo di bordo Scatto
Anima Solid Wood


Volume 1 - 10000 m2 (sqm) al mese Convertire
Larghezza 192 mm Convertire
Lunghezza 1820;2150 mm Convertire
Spessore 13.5 mm  Convertire
Spessore strato di calpestio (strato superiore) 3 mm
Qualità Classic/brushed/beveled 4V
Rivestimento OSMO Hardwaxoil transparent
Certificazione FSC
Best Quality Durable Oak 1-Strip graphite Engineered Wood Flooring

The product description:
For floor surfaces, there are several variations of the standard colours:
1-strip Oak graphite
Grade: Classic
Pattern: 1-strip 192mm
Length: 1820 mm and 2150 mm
Surface: brushed, OSMO Hard-wax oil Graphite,
4V; 4-side bevels
The company AU-MEX is the leading distributor of OSMO COLOR oils in Europe. In 2014 AU-MEX and Ekowood signed a joint-venture cooperation. This connection allowed us to develop the best surface protection. A unique application of OSMO oil finishes allowed us to create exclusive collections and unique patented pigmented colours.

EKOWOOD engineered flooring with a finished surface lets you express your feel and individual colour interpretation. The surface finish of Oak can vary greatly. If you have not found your colour in the standard EKOWOOD program, selecting the right tone individually is necessary to fulfil your requirements. Usually, that means personally visiting the AU-MEX website which will aid you in choosing the ideal option from natural coats with a wax/oil base from the OSMO brand. OSMO is a brand that will ensure the perfect look and quality of your wooden surfaces thanks to its unique recipe using pure natural resources.

EKOWOOD engineered flooring includes three Collections: 1. Selection of European species, 2. Selection of Exotic species, and 3. Fine Season Collection.
The collection of European species is calm and colour-balanced hardwood floors, adding unforced elegance to any room. In this collection, you will find mainly Oak in several versions of optical processing and in many colour shades, including Oak floors without surface treatment (unfinished), which, in the case of your requirements, you can colour exactly to suit your feelings. Also, this collection includes Beech, Ash and Walnut.

The selection of Exotic species represents beautiful types of wood from tropical forests, which will give your home a warm, pleasantly charming charm. Here you will find Doussie, Burmese Teak and Merbau floors.

The Fine Season collection offers an unpredictable touch and allows you to bring playfulness into your living space. Finely intertwined ribbons of Canadian Maple, Merbau together with Cherry and Kempas, or American Walnut, Ash and Cherry create a collection for a distinctive modern interior.

We can offer you a full range of recommended flooring accessories:
Underlayer: Fiberboard 5.5 and 7mm, SILENTSTEP – EPE FOAM 3mm PE Foil, SILVER STEP 2mm Alu foil, Floor Skirting, Solid Oak Threshold profiles and Glue.
Maintenance: OSMO Wax care

For more information, please get in touch with us:
Phone/Whatsapp: +420 608 052 451
Email: export&
Or check our website:

Prezzi e condizioni

Prezzo Su richiesta EUR per m2 (sqm) Convertire
Incoterm EXW - franco fabbrica (venditore) Nazione Repubblica Ceca Regione Prague
Scadenza di consegna Disponibile in meno di 30gg dall'ordine
Vende a: In tutto il mondo


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