Vendo Incollatrici A Cavaletto E A Stella INDIA H-550 Nuovo India

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Tipo categoria Incollaggio
Categoria Incollatrici a Cavaletto e a Stella
Marchio INDIA
Modello H-550


Stato della macchina Nuovo
Data della fabbricazione 1/01/2008
Volume 105000
Descrizione The ‘Glu-Man’ glue spreader from Hanfas is a manual hand-held glue applicator with two rollers. It is available with micro adjustment for variable flow of glue application. It facilitates easy and even spread of glue over large panels as well as curved surfaces. Besides being user friendly, it also enhances the operator efficiency.

It is best suited for glues having short setting time properties, enabling optimum utilization of large panels in less time. Any make or brand of PVA glue can be spread with this amazing ‘Glu-Man’.

Almost 30% glue saving against conventional spreading with brush or spatulas or rollers. Work can be completed in half time, thus making it possible to complete large volumes of pasting in target time.

Prezzi e condizioni

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Incoterm EXW - franco fabbrica (venditore) Nazione India
Scadenza di consegna In magazzino
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