Vendo Decking (Profilato 4 Lati) Larice Russia

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Tipo di legno Legno massiccio
Tipo di legno massello Resinosi europei
Specie / Materiale Larice (Larix spp.)
Tipo Decking (Profilato 4 Lati)


Volume 1 - 10 autotreno al mese
Larghezza 145 mm
Lunghezza 4000 mm
Spessore 27 mm
Qualità 1
Decking from LLC "LKT".

Terrace board is a special kind of lumber, which has special requirements, determined by the peculiarities of its use:

- external finishing - cladding the facades of cottages and houses.

- arrangement of floors in arbors, porches, balconies and other outdoor areas cladding of baths and saunas, the creation of sites (terraces) around swimming pools.

- construction of porches or stairs, fences and railings laying of garden paths.

- Production of garden furniture, benches, piers, piers, as well as the decks of yachts.

For the production of this type of decking, we use solid wood (larch Far East).
It combines strength and hardness with flexibility and resiliency).

Growing in the severe northern climate of the Far East, this wood species develops natural resistance to the sun and humidity.

Decking made of larch - this wood only gets harder when getting wet, besides it is "not to the taste" of rodents and woodworms.

Solid wood moldings, including decking, are always available from stock. Vast and special orders we will fulfill in the shortest possible time, faster than to bring from wholesale suppliers from the west of the country.

Learn the price, availability of decking in stock you can call:
Or at the address:
Komsomolsk-on-Amur, ul. Pavlovskogo 7A.

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Prezzi e condizioni

Prezzo Su richiesta EUR per m2 (sqm)
Vende a: Africa, Asia, Europa, Nord America, Sud America, Oceania


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