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Tipo di legno WPC
Tipo Decking Antisdrucciolo (2 Facce)


Volume 2 Container 40' al mese
Larghezza 200 mm
Lunghezza 4000 mm
Spessore 20 mm
Descrizione Features:
Profile : 200x20 millimeters
Length : 4000 millimeters
Composite terrace boards
Natural and innovative properties of wood
WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) in Latvian means "wood-polymer composite material". It consists of high quality thermoplastic wood fiber and polymer composite. Our wood-polymer boards contain up to 80% chopped wood, supplemented with synthetic polymers - polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), binders, UV protection and color pigments.

WPC products are commonly used for outdoor flooring. According to the Nova Institute, composite terrace boards make up 6% of the total market capacity of terrace coverings. WPC material is projected to become increasingly popular in the coming years and to conquer the market as an ecological alternative to the currently widely used rainforest wood.

Composite terrace board technology
Our composite patio boards are designed to withstand heavy loads, but retain flexibility and avoid the formation of microcracks. The unique surface texture of the boards reduces the possibility of slipping.

Board composition:
60% wood,
30% plastic polymer,
10% additives.
Anti-slip surface,
Structurally strong construction.

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