Vendo Decking Antisdrucciolo (1 Faccia) FSC Ipe Repubblica Ceca

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Tipo di legno Legno massiccio
Tipo di legno massello Legno tropicale latino-americano
Specie / Materiale Ipe (Lapacho)
Contenuto chiave FSC
Origine Brasile
Tipo Decking Antisdrucciolo (1 Faccia)


Volume 1 - 1000 m3 al mese
Larghezza 145 mm
Lunghezza 2100-5700 mm
Spessore 21 mm
Qualità FAS
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    Ipe wood is light to dark chocolate-brown, sometimes turning olive-brown. Colour differences between individual planks are natural and common. Ipe wood is generally regarded as strong and very hard. Fibres are straight but also deposited in a spiral pattern which can cause harder processing of the wood especially due to uneven texture that changes from fine to medium. Ipe is a very heavy kind of wood, density of the dried wood is up to 1200 kg/m3. It is in all aspects a very durable wood and after drying becomes very stable. Thanks to high density, hardness and content of substances it lasts very long. These substances may slow down the drying process and prevent optimal adhesion of the coat. That is why it is crucial to allow Ipe wood to weather for 10-12 months before the first oil coat so that some of the substances may escape naturally and the wood becomes ready to accept the oil coat. Ipe wood is one of the densest in the world and that is why the time it takes for the contained substances to be washed out after installation is almost a whole year.
    For correct functionality of the decking it is necessary to follow basic rules for installation of wooden decking and creating sufficiently stable construction underneath. The underlying construction should be made of wood with same or similar density as the actual decking to ensure uniform swelling or shrinkage. For correct maintenance and cleaning ask our sales representatives for technical conditions and guidelines for maintenance of wooden decking.
    Coat and colour: If you opt for treating your decking with a coat to prevent it from naturally turning grey we recommend to use OSMO Decking oil n. 010 Thermowood oil, naturally coloured, which suits Ipe wood perfectly. The wood is protected from the UV rays that are the main cause of the wood turning grey. Do not apply the coat any sooner than approx. 10-12 months after installation for reasons stated earlier.
    Density: approx. 1200 kg/m3

    Prezzi e condizioni

    Prezzo Su richiesta EUR per m2 (sqm)
    Incoterm EXW - franco fabbrica (venditore) Nazione Repubblica Ceca Regione Prague
    Scadenza di consegna Disponibile in meno di 30gg dall'ordine
    Vende a: In tutto il mondo


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