Vendo Chiosco - Gazebo Resinosi Europei

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Tipo di legno massello Resinosi europei
Specie Pino (Pinus sylvestris) - Legni rossi, Abete (Picea abies) - Legni bianchi
Tipo Chiosco - Gazebo


Volume 1+ - 4+ pezzi al mese
Descrizione Model C2 gazebo
Dimension: 3.2 m
Patented industrial design!
General information:
1. A gazebo made of pine and spruce wood
2. The thickness of the boards before thermal and mechanical treatment (drying and four-sided planing) approx. 25 mm
3. 12 x 12 cm load-bearing pillars
4. Height of the bearing poles 2 m
5. The height of the gazebo in the ridge is 3.05 m
6. The roof slope is 30 degrees
7. The floor on joists with a cross-section of 5 x 4 cm
In price:
1. The construction of the gazebo
2. Finishing carpentry
3. Roofing with bituminous shingle in a color selected by the customer from the available color palette
4. The floor on the joists
5. Impregnation with Drewnochron® in the color selected by the customer from the available color palette,
6. Furniture in the form of a round table with five free-standing benches, painted in the color of the gazebo. With a 5.0 m long gazebo, the table consists of two halves.
In the size of 6.0 m, the price does not include the set of furniture.
At the request of the Investor, the gazebo can be surface varnished in a color selected by the customer, from among the colors available from the color palette, which is additionally payable, depending on its size.
Lacquering in white / gray / ecru.
The gazebo in question is also available in sizes: 3.9 m, 5 m and 6 m.
It is also possible to purchase additional elements with the gazebo, which are additionally payable.
Preparation of the substrate is the responsibility of the Investor. We level the gazebos and place them in a minimalistic version on concrete cubes and anti-damp foil, which we bring for free.
Transport and installation payable additionally. - Translated with google

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