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Volume 3000 - 1000000 pezzi Spot - 1 volta
Descrizione We have different usage pvc film
1. membrane press / vacuum press 
2. flat lamination / cold lamination 
3. wrapping 
4. self adhesive 

Process Method Thickness
(mm) Width
(mm) Length/roll
(meters) Application 
Membrane press/vacuum ***** Cover on MDF, particleboard, wooden board, fiberboard, etc, for doors, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, furniture, etc.
Wrapping profiles and panels ***** Cover on all kinds of profiles including wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile, etc. for door frame, window sill, base channel, PVC ceiling and so on
Cold lamination ***** Cover on all kinds of flat panels, such as wood panel, steel panel, aluminum panel, PVC panel, etc. for doors and furniture
Hot lamination ***** Cover on the PVC panel, steel panel, aluminum panel for doors, skirti
Self-adhesive ***** Can be put on any surface for furniture and indoor decorations
Main features of our PVC film: 
clearly pattern, stability color, high light fastness, good flatness, low shrinkage, strong viscosity by vacuum, good touch feel.
As it is unfading, it could be simply operated without any paint, which not only shortens the time limit of a project but also cuts down the cost. Without the smell of paint, it is really an ideal material for indoor decoration and furniture making industry. 
Main Application of PVC films
The film can be applied to all kinds of wood (MDF, plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, wood panels, etc.) and other materials (such as high-pressure cement board, asbestos board, metal panels, aluminium-plastic board ,gypsum board, WPC panel, and PVC profiles, etc.) on the surface by membrane press, vacuuming and cold glue laminating methods. Using the latest technology by vacuum laminating machine, the process has been widely adopted throughout the country to make furniture, doors production and interior decoration.

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