Rivestimenti muri interni in Legno 3D

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Tipo Pannelli per Interni in Legno
Materiale principale Legno massiccio
Tipo di legno massello Latifoglie europee
Specie Carpino, Rovere
Origine Croazia


Volume 1 - 30 autotreno al mese
Spessore 0.39-0.59 mm
Larghezza 18.4-19.49 mm
Lunghezza 17.7-19.49 mm
Qualità High
Descrizione Beauty of natural wood makes panels look great in any place whether it is in office, home, shop, restaurant or any public place to chill. Decor can be placed on any surface, so you choose the area to decorate.
-> Biggest benefit: you can adjust to your room and available space. No need to look for specific sizes. You just put panels together on the wall as you want, in any direction.

-> Simple installation: constructively designed parts allow easy installation not only for a professional, but for a beginners.
This quality product remains beautiful in the long run because 3D panels are long time lasting and are stable in shapes.

Prezzi e condizioni

Prezzo Su richiesta EUR per m2 (sqm)
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