Compro Banconi Design Altri Materiali Estruso Di Legno

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Tipo Banconi
Nome Del Prodotto Wine Serving Tray
Stile Design
Tipi Materiali Principale Altri materiali
Materiale Principale Estruso di legno


Quantità 200 pezzi Spot - 1 volta
1. Upper removable food tray: Shaped as shown in the picture. It should have a safe food finish. Thickness as suggested by the manufacturer (the thinner the better)
2. Main Tray: This is the one that holds the removable food tray. It should be shaped as shown in the picture and should have a moisture resistant lacquer finish. Dimensions are: 45 cm Wide; 25 cm deep. Thickness: 1.5 - 2cm (or as suggested).
3. Bottle holder tray: It should be shaped as shown in the picture. Its wildness would depend of the space allowed by the bended legs. Moisture resistant lacquer finish is required. Could be thinner than main tray
Additional remarks:
- This tray set is not intended for heavy duty use, it is more for wine serving, decoration and social occasion, so it should have an attractive eye-catching final look and flawless finish.
- Colors may also vary; they do not have to be the exactly as those shown in the image. But the removable food tray color and legs color must match
- A material like bamboo, acacia wood or other material (cheaper than walnut or cherry wood) is highly prefer. We are open to your suggestions

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Incoterm FOB - franco bordo nave
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