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Aug 2014

Germany: Beech logs export prices on the rise

Prices of beech logs exported by Germany from January to May 2014 increased compared to the first five months of 2013. With an average price of 129 €/m3, logs delivered to China, Germany's main export country, in January-May 2014 were 12 €/m3 more expensive than in the same period last year... [Più ... ]

Nov 2012

German Beech Market in Detail - Lack of Exports

The beginning of the hardwood season has been delayed this year. Anyway in the last years the beginning of each season has moved further and further back. One reason for this is the fact that the completion of the last season lasts even longer, according to a sales manager of the.... [Più ... ]

Hardwood market in Northern Germany

In northern German provinces, the beech and oak market seems to be less tight than elsewhere. Oak logs have already been sold out in provinces where contracts have been concluded. In what concerns the beech wood, the situation is different: beech wood sales ... [Più ... ]

Jul 2012

Germany: Oak Log Export to China Shrinks

In April, the exports of German Oak logs ranged more than 50% below the previous year. For the period of the first four months, exports were about a third less than in the same period of 2011. [Più ... ]

Jan 2012

Germany: Less Oak Log Exports in October

The strong decline in Oak log exports to China in August recovered slightly in October, but exports are nearly 47% below last year's figures. Looking at the period of January to October, exports show still an increase of 10% compared to the same period in 2010. The speculation that significant Oak volumes were shipped via Denmark to Asia seems to be confirmed. Denmark amounts decreased in proportion to increases to Asia. [Più ... ]

Germany: Oak Lumber Exports Languish

In October 2011, Oak lumber exports of German sawmills persisted unchangingly weak. Only the calculated values improved by over 11%. With a volume of 664 cubic meters the lowest amount so far this year was delivered to China. At the beginning of the year, the shipments had amounted to up to more than 3,000 cubic meters. Exports volumes to Poland and the Netherlands keep at a level significantly higher than in the previous year. Also, the calculated value for both countries range well above last year [Più ... ]

Nov 2011

Germany: Beech Log Exports in September 2011

In September 2011, Germany's Beech log exports declined by 23% versus the same month last year. The export value dropped by 11%. In the period of January to September, exports show still an increase of 27.7% in volume and of 37.5% in value. Exports to Sweden strongly declined in September. With the decline in pulp prices, this development will intensify in October and November. [Più ... ]

Oct 2011

Germany: C-Beech Between Top Seller And Shop Keeper

Currently a top seller, tomorrow a dead article. This means Beech logs in C-quality. From January 2012, there might be C-Beech for domestic sawmills galore. Talks with Chinese exporters are emerging more and more that the season could already be finished in December 2011. Only sporadically dealers report high demand from China. Sawlog qualities are hardly in demand. Factories in China have cut back or stopped production. Stocks in China are high, and Chinese banks are more restrictive in prefinancing and hedge of imports from Europe. [Più ... ]

Bavaria: Stable Oak Log Prices In New Conclusions

Bavaria's forestry records a high demand for Oak logs. However, mainly from local sawmills. Demand from exporters is cautious. Conclusions with sawmills in Bavaria show a year on year price stability. Compared to the last year prices throughout Germany, there is slight price decline in diameter classes 5 and 6. Whether weak Asian markets are responsible for the slack C-wood demand must remain open until the conclusion of export contracts. [Più ... ]

Germany: Oak Guide Prices in Baden-Wuerttemberg 2011/12

The state-owned forest operation of Baden-Wuerttemberg <strong>ForstBW</strong> recommends price stability versus the previous year for Oak logs of the grades A, B, and for barrel wood. For C-Oak forestry part feels enforceable a price increase of € 2/cbm for diameters of class 3b and of each € 5/cbm for diameters of classes 4.5 and 6 (see table). [Più ... ]

Germany: Beech Log Exports in August 2011

German Beech log exports to Denmark rose sharply in August 2011 compared to the reference month last year. The revitalized purchasing of a Danish parquet floor factory, reported by some log traders, is unlikely to explain the difference in this summer month. Shipments to China are declining. The slowdown is already noticeable. The high demand from Japan is not yet visible in the August figures. [Più ... ]

China's Industry Throttles Demand for German Oak

Oak log exports to China show a heavy drop in the August figures of the German federal statistical office <b>Destatis</b>. In August, Germany exported just 400 cbm Oak to China, a decline of 88% from the previous year. Demand of the timber industry in China has dropped sharply. Volumes intended for export in the hardwood season 2010/2011, were still offered to German sawmills in the past few weeks. [Più ... ]

Sep 2011

Germany: Beech Log Exports in June 2011 at Prior Year Level

Germany's Beech log exports in June 2011 ranged on the level of the reference month last year. As in May, shipments to Sweden fell strongly in June. When looking over the first six months, Beech log exports were still higher than in 2010. [Più ... ]

Germany: Oak Log Exports in June 2011

The interest of Chinese buyers in Oak from Germany remains at a high level. In June 2011, exports to the People's Republic amounted to over 5,000 cbm, the second highest level of the year. In total, with 9,197 cbm, volume in June ranged below the amount that was exported in the same month last year. [Più ... ]

Germany: Declining Oak Log Exports

Hardwood sawyers in Germany report a good supply with Oak logs. Log amounts had been offered until late summer. One cause may have been good logging conditions from the end of January 2011. Oak log export is no longer running at full steam. From January to July, figures of <strong>Destatis</strong> fell by 5.8% to 61,500 m³. In July of 2011 only 6,400 m³ were exported (-35.6%). [Più ... ]

Aug 2011

Germany: Oak Log Exports in May - Value Exceeds Volume

In May 2011, Germany's Oak log exports edged upwards compared to April (+6.6%). For the major consuming countries the following average prices are calculated from the May figures of Destatis: China € 162/m³ (ø I-V/2011: € 148/m³), Denmark, € 171/m³ (195), Sweden € 112/m³ (98) and France € 256/m³ (262). [Più ... ]

Jul 2011

Germany: Beech Log Export I-IV/2011

Germany's Beech Log exports rose by 42% in April compared to the same month last year. For the period January to April 2011, exports show an increase of 67.5%. High volumes of deliveries directly to China (+80%), or indirectly, via Denmark (+878%) have a big share in that development. [Più ... ]

Germany: Oak Log Export Falls in April

Germany's Oak log exports have slowed in April. While export growth in the first Quarter of 2011 was at 18%, the statistics one month later show just an increase of 4.2% (January to April). However, there is still strong growth in shipments to China. [Più ... ]

Pollmeier: High Beech Log Prices For Speedy Deliveries

Much earlier than in previous years, <b>Hessen-Forst</b> agreed with <b>Pollmeier</b> on delivery quantities and prices for the 2011/12 season. Thus, prices will rise by 6% at an average to € 68.50/m³. A special feature in this season is a sophisticated surcharge and discount system for early or late deliveries. [Più ... ]

Germany: Beech Log Exports Stable in May

In May 2011, Germany's Beech log exports ranged on the level of the reference month of 2010. Although, exports to China increased significantly by 17%, below the line a small decrease of 0.37% resulted from the exports over all countries. Lower deliveries in May to Holland and Sweden caused that effect. [Più ... ]

May 2011

Germany: Hardwood Logs Market Season 2010/2011

First nothing moved, then when snow and ice were gone, Beech logs swashed like a big wave into the markets – this for a shorted description of the hardwood logging season 2010/2011 in Germany. Meanwhile, sawmills are supplied with the volumes they had ordered. At season's end, many state-owned forestry operations have marketed similar quantities as last year. Even though, in many places focus was more on the lucrative softwood logging. [Più ... ]

Oak: Forestry's Price Targets Not Always Fulfilled

Towards the end of the hardwood season 2010/2011, demand for Oak slightly decreased not only at tender sales, but also at free-hand sales. Log traders and sawmills were no longer willing to pay any price. Asia exporters and German parquet industry increasingly bought Oak logs from France. The ambitious guide prices, which <b>Hessen-Forst</b> but also the country Rhineland-Palatinate had started the season, were not generally accepted as a standard. [Più ... ]

Germany: Beech Log Exports 80% up in Q1

Germany's Beech log exports rose by 149% in March 2011 compared to the same month last year. For the first Quarter 2011, the increase was 79.7%. Accelerating deliveries to China (+101%), direct or indirect via Denmark (+838%), caused that strong increase. There is also strong growth in exports to India, Japan, Netherlands and Czech Republic. [Più ... ]

Germany: Oak Log Exports Up 18% in Q1/2011

In the first Quarter of 2011, Germany's Oak log exports amounted to 23,000 m³, up 18,2% from the first Quarter of the previous year. Export value increased by 22.3%. [Più ... ]

Mar 2011

Germany: Beech Log Exports up 20%

In January, Germany's Beech log exports increased by 20% compared to the same month last year. Export value increased by 40%. With a calculated average price of € 102/m³ across all destinations, this means a rise of 16.7%.<br> For the most important export countries, the following average prices can be calculated from the January figures: China € 109/m³ (ø I-XII/2010: € 106/m³), Austria € 69/m³ (66), Sweden € 69/m³ (64) and Japan € 177/m³ (176). [Più ... ]