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str. Iacob Muresianu 18, 515400 Blaj
Alba, Romania
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We are a company that focuses mainly on the latest trends of wood products. We started this company out of a passion for wood. Now that business has grown substantially, we look back in pride at how far we've come. With perseverance and a forward-looking work attitude, we kept on forging un-traveled paths to gain business knowledge that was crucial to our maturity as a company. NicoLemn Art S.r.l. was founded in 2009, as an exporter of timber, after working in the local timber market for several years. Because of our management team business plan, in 2009 NicoLemn Art S.r.l. started to expand the business in foreign countries, first with the West of Europe. From 2009 till 2011, we had extended our markets all over the globe, starting from Italy and extended after that little by little to Greece,Netherland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, UAE, and Jordanian finally arriving to China. Now we are proud to see that from 2-3 clients which whom we started, we arrived to have a very big portfolio of clients that are very satisfied of our products especially of our services. All the activity of NicoLemn Art Srl is coordinated by a young and dynamic staff, with a power adapted to the market requirements, carried out by skilled, motivated, well - trained and rich experienced personnel. The production is based on timber made from different traditional wood species. The cutting is made with different cutting machines from band saw, to plank, to multi-blade finally arriving to PRIMULTINI technology, which gave us a weekly capacity of 400 cbm and 1600 cbm/month. Our products are made with a special care from our workers, a high quality at a low price. The most important thing for our business is the seriousness that we show on every business that we close.

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